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Grand Champion, Regional Winner, Breed Winner WeeKiltie Where's Willie?

We are currently working on our new website, but let us tell you a little about J&B Scottish Folds.

J&B cattery is a collaboration of two breeding styles. Jen was previously the backbone of Coupari Scottish Folds and has since left that program due to personal reasons. She has a keen eye for conformation and has an inate ability to produce lovely kittens. While Jen was a part of Coupari Scottish Folds, the cattery produced one national winning kitten, several breed winners as well as regional winners. Beth is a long-time breeder of Scottish Folds and has owned WeeKiltie Scottish Folds and Persians for 15 years. She has produced several regional winners, a national breed winner and has had a national winning Persian. We are both pleased to present our latest babies from J&B!

Grand Premier J & B BB King
"BB" is a blue and white mackerel tabby longhair neuter
(sire: WeeKiltie Singleton dam: GC Coupari's Dippin' Dots of J&B)

J & B Winnie-the-Pooh
"Pooh" is a red and white mackerel tabby shorthair male
(sire: WeeKiltie Singleton dam: GC Coupari's Dippin' Dots of J&B)

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